USB Noise Remover


USB Noise Remover AC-USB1 / AC-USB1-K

On the interior of the product, ruby mica, from Bihar, near the foot of the Himalayas in northern India, is used as a condenser. This ruby mica is manufactured in Ota Ward, Tokyo, and assembled by our company.
When attached, this model removes noise generated from the PC and other CD devices. It effectively removes external noise that enters from each terminal of these devices and enables production of the original clear and gorgeous sound. Connecting it to a USB port using a type-B conversion adapter will also allow for products that have B terminals.

Left:AC-USB1(White) / Right:AC-USB1-K(Black)


AC-USB1 (White)
Full length 230mm
Cable length 130mm
Weight 32g
AC-USB1-K (Black)
Full length 220mm
Cable length 105mm
Weight 36g