For music lovers craving "real music", not just good sound.

the digital analog converter for "REAL-SOUND", real-life soud


リアルサウンド DAコンバーター RMP-DAC1

Today, we are more than proud to announce the launch of our new product, RMP-DAC1, the digital analog converter for “REAL-SOUND”, for every single user of a digital audio player. Thanks to your continued support, this year marks the 12th anniversary of SPEC’s establishment. As our new endeavor, we have recently released the USB Bridge RMP-UB1 equipped with the communication protocol "Diretta" that realizes high-quality sound transmission via a LAN network. It pairs perfectly with our DAC, and has been highly rated by audiophiles like you who use a digital audio player frequently.

The sound concept of RMP DAC1EX

"Realistic audio is the most beautiful".
This is why we strive for the most musicality in our audio equipment.

One of the most important factors for achieving realistic audio reproduction is "realistic tonality" of musical instruments .The violin must sound like a violin, and the oboe must sound like an oboe in order to faithfully convey the musical expression contained in the "performance."

This is why the design concept of reproducing the original recorded source information without alteration and spoiling is important.

Because the tonality of live musical instruments consists of minute harmonics that are intertwined in multiple layers, its reproduction is directly linked to musicality.

The DAC1 brings out the musicality of the performer by valuing the original timbre and expression of various musical instruments, especially the natural reproduction of minute signals.

Capacitor Blending for RMP-DAC1EX

HBIKIICHI is a capacitor developed in collaboration with Nichicon to bring out a natural sound and is also used in our amplifiers (pictured above on the far right).
In addition to this HBIKIICHI, the DAC1 features the smaller "HBIKIICHI-56" which has been designed specifically for the DAC1. Furthermore, from the SPEC sound quality capacitor lineup, we have selected and blended capacitors to achieve more realistic sound reproduction than ever before.

R core transformer for energetic expression

A dedicated R-core transformer supplies the drive current of the output stage by a margin.

R core transformer

Diode Bridge Rectifier Circuit

The DAC as a Musical Instrument

A DAC is a device that reconverts the digital signal into the analog signal,
In order to reconvert minute signals into fresh analog, the DAC1 has a separated power supply. The wooden panel attached to the bottom is made of the same spruce material as the top plate of a violin. Spruce is a relatively soft material that vibrates with music signals to reproduce a rich tone and energy.

In addition, hickory is embedded in the center of the maple leg to support the DAC1. All this makes the design of the DAC1 similar to musical instruments.


Main Features

  • Equipped with "VELVET SOUND AK4497EQ DAC". Manufactured by Asahi Kasei Electronics.
  • SNR 128dB (THD+ N: -116dB) performance.
  • Maximum sampling rate /PCM 32Bit 384kHz.
  • DSD Native 256 format capable.
  • The USB connection has a ground-cut isolate circuit configuration that uses a LDO, ultra-low noise constant voltage IC, to eliminate noise inflow from a computer.
  • Produces dynamic, high-resolution sound.

The analog power supply part is equipped with Nichicon's electrolytic capacitor "Hibikiichi," which is newly developed for small-capacity source equipment, made exclusively for audio devices. Additionally, by rendering the power supply in a separate housing, and completely blocking noise from the transformer, the delicate sound quality and real life spatial expressions are realized.

The bottom structure, cultivated through developing our amplifiers, uses natural wood that produces amazing sound. The wood spikes use Hokkaido maple, Acer mono, and have a hybrid structure with hickory embedded in the center. The ground surface is spherical, and by supporting the whole cabinet with points, we have proudly created “the structure of the body that plays real music".


Input terminals (one system per terminal)
AES/EBU MAX PCM 24Bit/192kHz
USB B MAX PCM 32Bit 384kHz, DSD Native 256, DoP 128
(Computer or smartphone as input source with an OTG cable) 
USB A MAX PCM 32Bit 384kHz, DSD Native 256, DoP 128
(Computer or smartphone as input source with an OTG cable)
Output terminals
Balanced XLR (Fix out) MAX 3.0 Vrms
Unbalanced RCA (VAR / Fix out) 2.5 Vrms
External dimensions Main body: 215mm (W) × 80mm (H) × 299mm (D) (terminals included)
Power supply: 215mm (W) × 120mm (H) × 273mm (D) 
Power supply voltage AC110V120V 220V 230V 240V
Power consumption 30W
Mass Main body 3.0kg, power supply 4.0kg

* Due to improvements the above specifications and external appearance may be changed without notice.

By combining the RMP-DAC1EX with the Diretta RMP-UB1,
we can get closer to a more realistic sound.

A digital signal is converted to analog by the DAC device. In this conversion, the noise of the digital signal has an effect on the analog signal. It's small, but it's not zero.RMP-UB1 can minimize the influence of noise in this conversion. It's not a noise filter. By making digital transmission smooth and uninterrupted, the noise level is lowered.

This noise is a dynamic SN that appears when the sound is actually playing, unlike the static SN described in the specifications of audio equipment. This dynamic SN spoils the minute signals in the music, burying the delicate timbre of the instrument.
The Diretta RMP-UB1 greatly lowers the noise floor, so you can feel the timbre that was hidden until then emerges. That's the realistic sound.

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