To people who want to feel “MUSIC”.

Control Center for MG Series Power Amplifier


モノーラル・パワーアンプ RPA-MGC

Control center for RPA-MG1000 / 3000 with built in mechanical contact rotary switch, volume and remote control. You can constitute a Pure Direct System with MG series power amplifier.

Selector section

4-channel mechanical selector selects the RCA and XLR signals and outputs them to the RCA and XLR terminals.

Since there is no circuit between the input and output, it makes a perfectly pure and high fidelity selection. MGC directs the signal of the source equipment directly to the power amplifier.
Equipped with a selector that swaps hot and cold.

What is The Pure Direct?

The conventional pre and power system is a method of lowering the level of the signal of the source device by the preamplifier and transmitting it to the power amplifier.
However, circuit systems always have an SN limitation due to thermal noise. At lower levels, very small signals near the SN limit become even smaller and are buried in noise.
This cannot convey the tone of the violin formed by the mixture of fine harmonics.
We believe that the raw sound is the most beautiful.
Therefore, We would like to amplify the minute tone signal without losing it. This is Pure Direct. Pure direct to convey music.

Volume and remote control



Line input terminals XLR input:3 RCA inputs:2
Line output terminals XLR output:1 RCA output:1
Power voltage 230V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
External dimensions 450mm (width) x 180mm (height) x 456mm (depth)
Weight 17kg

Operation Manual